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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Communikey Festival Warm-Up : Wednesday Nightcap


Join us for an evening of music as we warm up Boulder for the 2010 Communikey Festival of Electronic Arts.

music provided by:
EJIVAL : static discos, mexico
ROY ENGLAND : make mistakes
IVY : black bridge

Bombay Bistro
1800 Broadway #160, Boulder, CO 80302
8:30pm - Close
Facebook event page.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Release: Drop Logik - Hot Box Studies

black bridge,drop logik
ARTIST: Drop Logik
RELEASE: Hot Box Studies


We’re proud to introduce you to the debut full-length artist album from Black Bridge’s very own Drop Logik.

Hailing from the mountains of the Southwest United Crates of America, a sound physician was born. Making drum kits out of trash cans, empty paint barrels, and whatever the hell else made noise, Chad Dixon aka Drop Logik aka Crate Diggler, began rearranging sound from an early age. Moving on to simply looping beats from dual cassette decks to buying his first sampler and drum machine and so on and so forth. It’s always been an outlet of inner combustion ready to be released into your headphones. Now is the time to press play!

Hot Box Studies bangs out space age mental gymnastics with crunchy samples and syncopated beats. Musical movements are cut together with turntablist acumen across a deep abyss of sound as swirly interludes play between the loftier scores. Stand out picks include the cut-em-up-flapper “Hear To Wear”, the sultry big beat “Get!Get!”, and the outer space gospel “Out Of My Head.” Finally,“Smoke Ring Dreams” brings us home and serves as your well deserved introduction to the one and only Crate Diggler. 

You can listen to the songs here:

Friday, March 12, 2010

Black Bridge Crew Remixes Gramatik on Cold Busted

Slovenia's Gramatik has been totally crushing it in the downtempo world in the past year. Denver's own Cold Busted label (owned and operated by the one and only Vitamin D) has been the host of this fine newcomer. Cold Busted has just released four new remixes of Gramatik’s ‘Tearin’ It Up’ taken from the Street Bangerz Vol. 2 release:

Astro Raph Soul Of The Galaxy Mix
Drop Logik’s Tore Down Rerun
Spaceflight Orchestra Remix
What It Is Remix By 1st Lieutenant Middle St.

Also included on the release is the previously unreleased track ‘Straight Off The Block’ done up in true Street Bangerz style.

Available exclusively on Beatport for the next few weeks.