Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Death Calls the Tune

Created by German design collective lab binaer, this ingenious turntable-based light sculpture was made by applying light-sensitive phosphorescent paint to the turntable and replacing the needle cartridge with an LED light. As you can see in the video, this changes the table’s function, creating a visual player out of an audio player. The LED cartridge creates the individual characters by exposing the paint to specific patterns of light pulses which are controlled via an outboard microcontroller.

Titled “Death Calls the Tune,” the piece is a visual statement about news, death, and memory. What you see displayed are real news bulletins, all related to death, strung together to create a never-ending flow of headlines. The cycle of bright and fading text is meant to represent the cycle of our collective memory, mirroring the way that forgotten thoughts are so quickly replaced with new information.

We found this on the Dancetracks blog.

Death Calls The Tune (lab binaer) from lab binaer on Vimeo.

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