Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Release: Spaceflight Orchestra - An Orchestra of Remixes, Volume One

ARTIST: Spaceflight Orchestra
RELEASE: An Orchestra of Remixes, Volume One
1. Step Now (J-Boogie Remix feat. Aima the Dreamer)
2. Step Now (J-Boogie Instrumental feat. Aima the Dreamer)
3. Step Now (J-Boogie Acapella feat. Aima the Dreamer)
4. Step Now (J-Boogie Remix feat. Aima the Dreamer) - Radio Version
5. Truer Than True (Drop Logik Refreak)


J-Boogie (of OM Records’ J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science fame), purveyor of all things funky, takes his remix of Spaceflight Orchestra’s “Step Now” into deep sexy waters. Head nodding funk, soul claps, and sultry vocals from Aima the Dreamer wrap up this gem of a track like a silk sheet dipped in melted butter. “Don’t sweat the petty things baby, you can pet my sweaty thing baby”, is the PG-13 rated chorus that urges people to let the less pressing issues of the day go by the wayside in favor of hot and heavy lovemaking:  a fine theme for this skillfully executed re-work. We’ve also popped in a bonus accapella and instrumental for DJing pleasure. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming video!

Add in Drop Logik’s mondo psychedelic “Refreak” remix of “Truer than True”, and you’ve got one of the hottest Black Bridge releases to date!!

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