Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Release: Spaceflight Orchestra - An Orchestra of Remixes, Volume Two

ARTIST: Spaceflight Orchestra
RELEASE: An Orchestra of Remixes, Volume Two
1. Step Now (Quincy Jointz Remix)
2. Lead Jammer (1st Lieutenant Middle St. Remix)
3. What It Shall Be (Love Machine Mix by Astro Raph)
4. Solid (Drop Logik’s Soft Intake)


Black Bridge’s finest producers and friends break down and remix their favorite Spaceflight Orchestra tracks.

First up is a remix by Germany’s rising star of funk, Quincy Jointz. Qunicy is widely known as one half of the duo, Geriba, as well as extensive remix work for the top tier of funk breakbeat artists including work on a wide variety of labels including Ft. Knox, Timewarp, and Aniligital. This is a mellow groove down happy times lane with lilting cowbell and mellow tron stabs. Sprinkles of horn’s and nice trippy breakdowns round out the dub synths on this lazy joint.

1st Lieutenant Middle St. flex’s his funk muscle on the “Lead Jammer” remix. Diving kick drum and a stompy break ride out a groovetastic bongo sample into the funky promised land. Synths fired from the mothership and deranged slide guitar licks swell together and create a driving funky fever.

Astro Raph’s “Love Machine Remix” of “What it Shall Be” puts James Brown in a blender set to a schizophrenic puree. Oceanic washes and deep synths dance a dizzying tango with the beat, dropping you off into pristine spaces, only to be swooped up again and sent down the groovy train express. Astro Raph’s brilliant production and twisted sequencing keep the listener on a rolling mental water slide.

Drop Logik’s “Soft Intake” remix of “Solid” is just that - a beautiful cotton puff of a track that falls on the ear as if delivered by a summer breeze.  That is if the cotton was grown on Venus and the breeze originated in the Andromeda Galaxy. Add to that a funky alien synth and syncopated rhythm and you get a goregusly crafted track that will most likely increase your I.Q. upon first listen.

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